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Reclaim Your Smile in Tullahoma with Restorative Dentistry

Dental problems can be frustrating and painful, but thankfully, you don’t have to handle them alone. Here at the Tullahoma office of Dr. John Petty, our dedicated team offers a wide variety of restorative services that can help with anything from a minor cavity to teeth that are missing altogether. We attend countless hours of continuing education a year so that we can bring you the most advanced, conservative care possible, and our kind, personalized approach to treatment will be sure to give you something to smile about. We also do our best to see emergency cases on the same day as your initial call so that any lost tooth structure or pain can be alleviated as soon as possible.

Our available restorative services include:

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are the clear frontrunner in the world of reconstructive dental solutions due to their long lasting durability, natural beauty, and valuable oral health benefits. If you’re a viable candidate for this procedure, Dr. Petty will be happy to recommend you to a trusted surgeon who can handle the placement of your implant(s). Then, after a period of healing, you can return to our Tullahoma office so that we can design and place high-quality restorations, completing the process. The results are so seamless that many patients forget they’re not natural teeth after some time has passed!

Implant-Retained Prosthetics

If you’re missing several teeth, choosing dental implants to replace every single one can become very expensive. Thankfully, there’s another option – implant-retained prosthetics. By having a small number of implants strategically placed within your jawbone, Dr. Petty can design and provide a custom-made denture or fixed bridge to attach to them, beautifully completing your smile in a way that looks and feels natural. Both permanent and removable options are available, depending on your personal needs.

Removable Dentures

For hundreds of years, removable dentures have been the tooth replacement method of choice for patients from all over the world, and today, many people still prefer their convenience, their affordability, and their reliability. Dr. Petty will be happy to design a high-quality, personalized denture for your needs that can be worn comfortably and confidently. Full dentures are used to replace a complete arch of teeth and stay in place with the help of natural suction and dental adhesive, while partial dentures are crafted like a puzzle-piece to replace certain teeth and attach to your mouth with clips. If you’re in need of reconstructive work, our team would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options in detail so that you can be sure to select the one that best fits your needs.