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New Patient Information

New patients are always welcome in the Tullahoma, TN practice of Dr. John E. Petty. We hope our website gives you the information you need to call our office. If you have any questions, we will be glad to talk with you about them.

Did you see the Read Our Reviews page? You will see that we are dedicated to making every patient visit comfortable and relaxed. We want you to feel confident in choosing our practice for your dental health care needs.

Your First Visit

We have a very simple check-in process and someone will help you complete the health history questions. It would be helpful if you have a list of all your current medications.

If you are coming to address a specific complaint, you will most likely have several small digital x-rays taken of the problem tooth and Dr. Petty will perform a problem-focused exam. You will be given an estimate of any future treatment needed to alleviate your current problem.

If your first visit is to access your dental needs, Dr. Petty will perform a comprehensive exam with the necessary digital x-rays and talk with you about the health of your gums and any restoration treatment needed. You will be given a written treatment plan that lets you know how many appointments will be needed, what will be done at each appointment, how long each appointment will be,  and the estimated fee or co-payment for each appointment. If you have an insurance plan, we will be glad to explain how your plan might work to assist you receive the care you need. We want to provide you will all the information you need to make beneficial decisions about your dental health and treatment. Plan to spend at least an hour with us for this comprehensive examination appointment.

Future Appointments

Whatever your need is, we will arrange your treatment for efficient use of your time and reserve appointment times just for your needed treatment. This helps us stay very close to all the appointment start times for all our patients. For that reason, we ask that you notify us well in advance to make any changes in times.

For your convenience, we have the technology to help you keep track of your scheduled appointments through email reminders with “Add to my calendar” features, through secure 2-way texting with a mobile app, through online requests for an appointment, or through our online PatientPortal, where you can view records and appointment times.